Saturday, September 29, 2007

Creating a blog

Many of you have asked me to show you how to create a blog. All you have to do is go to (sorry you have to cut & paste because I can't figureout how to post a link) and it walks you through the set-up process. It's sooooooo easy.
If you get stuck e-mail me (or post a comment on my blog) and I'll try to help you out.
I would love to see some of you create blogs... Kristy Howell, Christie Cassaro, Mars family, Wood Family, and all you others that have moved away.

Boys will be....


Dane & his buddy Augie were being awfully quiet while they played in the bedroom. A few miinutes later they came out (no pun intended) so proud of themselves dressed in pretty purple dress up dresses from big sister's room. This shot will definitely come back to haunt them in their teenage years....

I do not like green eggs & ham....

Ohhhhh, but the Taylor kids do! We were getting pretty irritated that our chickens had not started laying eggs. We were told they would start laying by 4.5 months. This would have been some time in August. Here we've been feeding them, letting them tear up our flower beds, and letting the corner of our yard smell like a farm, all for NOTHING. Then Dane & his friend Augie were playing outside, and they ventured along the side of our house where Luke stores his paint and various other junkyard looking items. Nestled in some wild grass back there were some 25 green eggs! (The Americauna chicks we bought lay green/blue eggs). Apparently the hens aren't wild about the nesting box we made for them in the coop. We decided to get rid of the batch of 25 eggs not knowing which ones were old and which were new. And the very next day we went out to find FOUR more eggs.

And our ducks have started laying too! We have gotten 3 eggs from them in the last 3 days. I cracked one of each open, and they are beautiful inside. The yolk is a bright yellow, and the other part (I guess I should find out what it's called) is oh-so clear. The kids wanted me to hard boil them, so I did, and they gobbled them right up! Yum! If you want to try some FRESH eggs, let me know and I'll save you some.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who does Zeke take after?

Some of you may know that Dane had his heart set on naming the baby "Big Mountain" for like 7 months. Then, just a couple months before he was born Grandma Buzzy showed him the 80's movie "ET", and he decided the baby should be named ET. We were really considering the name Ezekiel, so this was very fitting - Ezekiel Taylor~ ET. Well, as you know we didn't name him Ezekiel, however Dane DOES still call him ET occasionally. Well one day when I was taking pictures of Zeke I thought to myself, he DOES sort of look like ET.

Those were his early days. Now that's he's put on the pounds he has a new resemblence....

Do you see it? Kind of freaky to think I birthed a baby John Goodman.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Zeke's First Haircut

Yes, at 2.5 months Zeke had his first haircut. He obviously can't sit up on his own, but he does good at holding his head up, although it's still a bit wobbly. He holds the record for the youngest haircut at Juan's Barber Shop in Castro Valley.
He did pretty good until the end when he got a little fussy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dane's First Day of Preschool

All I can say is,
boy does Miss Christina have her hands full :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Chubba Wubba

Bird Update

Forgot to tell y'all that we ended up with a rooster in the batch. How did we find out? Cock-a-doodle-dooooooo! at 5:00am :) So off to the Terpstra Ranch he went. And good riddance. That left us with 3 hens, that have yet to earn their keep. No eggs as of yet. They should start laying any day hopefully we'll have farm fresh eggs here at Taylor Trash soon.
The ducks are getting HUGE, and ruining our yard. They dig up our lawn and flower beds looking for bugs or worms. So I don't know how much longer the ducks will be here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Saving the Earth, one diaper at a time

In an effort to do my part in preserving God's beautiful green Earth, I'm cloth diapering Zeke. You say, diaper pins and dunking in toilets? Oh contrair mon frere. Cloth diapering has come along way. Beautiful fabrics with snaps or velcro are oh-so popular in the CD cult, I mean following :) It is so easy to do, and no more yucky chemicals against baby's skin. Well, almost none. I do use disposables when we will be gone for a long outing or weekend. Kind of like our parents did. Disposables have their place just as paper plates do. You wouldn't use paper plates for all your meals every day right? So wasteful. Same with diapers.
Every CD I put on Zeke is one less disposable in the landfill.

G starts Kindergarten

Genevieve started Kindergarten at Valley View Elementary school last week. She was so excited about starting school she had been counting down the days for about 20 days. She is really enjoying being a "big girl".