Wednesday, July 23, 2008

in case you had any doubts

how much Dane & Zeke look alike....



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

he's into everything!

This kid gets into everything. I didn't even child-proof the house because Dane didn't get into stuff. Not Zeke. He's into every cupboard, drawer, basket, and yes he's literally in the TV cabinet (at the houseboat). He puts everything in his mouth - including tiny toys, tiny anything, and dirt. This kid is a HANDFUL!

Taylor Trash in P-Town. The neighborhood is really goin down...

Taylor Boys...

Quickie post before my laptop dies

Fun in the sun....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Memorial & Family photos

Luke's Uncle Al passed away about a month ago. His sweet wife Aunt Wendy held a memorial at her house. It was a BBQ, and a chance for people to share memories and stories about Al's life. She also hired a photographer to come take family portraits. This side of the family is rarely all together, so it was a nice treat to have a photo taken with everyone in it.

We also had the opportunity to take individual family pictures as well. We took some with Luke's mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-saw and nephew.

We also got some of just our family of 5. Wow, 'family of 5" still shocks me even though it's now been a year with Zeke in our family, and almost 2 years of knowing we were going to be a family of 5.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Party Time

What a fun day with family and friends. The weather was beautiful, perfect for an outdoor party. The food was outstanding (I can say that because I didn't make it!), provided by (our friend) Cabana Dave's Catering. Tri-tip & pulled pork sandwiches...yum!

I made the birthday boy's cake, and the guests cupcakes. I was running a little behind and was still frosting and decorating as guests arrived - but they jumped right in to help me finish up (thank you SIL's Lisa & Winnie!)
Zeke enjoyed his cake. He didn't dig right in, but was slow and steady. He had a rythmic pace going that was working for him.
Yum cake!
And what would a first birthday party be without a cake fight? Between the honoree's parents of course =)
I guess there's still a little bit of kid in all of us.