Thursday, July 19, 2007

They adore him...

One of the questions we keep getting asked is "what do the kids think of the baby?" I think this picture says it all....


What do you do when you have a baby in your arms and you need to carry the laundry basket?

Duh...put the baby in the basket!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BMX she comes

Genevieve decided she wanted to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels like her friend Johnny. To our surprise she "got it" really fast. Here she is practicing on the one paved portion of street in our neighborhhod.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rounding the corner...

I felt so sick about this that I couldn't even blog about it. But now that we've "rounded the corner" so to speak, I finally feel I can share with you. I took Zeke in for his 2 week well-check on Thursday July 12th. To my surprise and horror, he was only 8lbs! He was 8 lbs 10 oz at birth. It is normal for babies to loose some weight (up to 10% is normal), and then they are expected be back to their birth weight within 10 days, then gain about an ounce a day thereafter. Zeke did loose the 10%, but was not gaining it back. At the time of the check-up he should have been close to 9 lbs. The problem is Zeke likes to sleep. He doesn't wake up to eat, nor does he cry when he's hungry. In fact. he doesn't appear to get hungry. So for the last 4 days I have been feeding him more frequently (2.5 hours), doing some pumping to stimulate my milk supply, making sure he get's FULL feedings, and setting the alarm at night to make sure he doesn't go more than 3 hours between night feedings. It has been really stressful, as I felt like I had failed him. I felt the pressure to make every feeding count so he wouldn't wither away.
Finally, we had a follow-up weight check today, and PRAISE GOD he has gained 8 ounces!

Keeping up with this schedule has made me really tired. If I haven't returned your call or e-mail, just know that I am still in a bit of a sleep-deprived fog. The phone has been ringing alot, and I feel like we are doing a lot of "entertaining" as we have had so many visitors (it's a bit exhausting). It has been overwhelming adjusting to life with 3, and to the lack of (or greatly interrupted) sleep. I had forgotten how hard these first few weeks can be. I feel bad for Genevieve & Dane as they have been homebound quite a bit. But slowly we will enter back into society and the normal swing of things.

Oh, and to top off everything - our A/C is broken!!!!! We have someone coming tomorrow to look at it though. Thankfully it has not been too hot these last couple of days.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Due today

Today, July 8th, is my Due Date. But instead we have an 11 day old! Genevieve and Dane have been enjoying the last few days with the grandparents up in Twain Harte, so we have been toting little Zeke around on all kinds of "First" adventures.

At 8 days old he went to his "first" county fair. We went back to the fair to go through the exhibit halls, and look at all the stuff G & D weren't interested in.

At 9 days old he went to his first "Concert in the Park" in downtown Pleasanton to watch The Bell Brothers play....

At 10 days old he went to our houseboat for the first time...

And at 11 days old he went to church for the first time (no picture of that).

Zeke has had a slow start in the eating department. He doesn't wake up to eat, and at first wasn't eating well at all. He had lost more weight than the Dr's like to see, so we have been working hard at the feedings. He is doing better, but we still have to wake him.

He rarely cries, usually just when he has a bubble in his tummy. He is just soooooooooooo sweet. I love to just sit and look at him - he melts my heart.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet Zeke

Yeah, he's here! Our precious beautiful baby boy. I can't believe how much I am already in love with him. I think I can now fully appreciate how fast they grow, and I am enjoying every minute of this tiny newborn baby.

For those of you interested in his "birth story" keep reading. If that's TMI for you, stop here!

So I went into labor 12 days early on Tues June 26th. Contractions started mild at about 11:00am, and were about 12 minutes apart. Luke was working in town, so I told him that it looked like it might be happening and to stay close by. My friend Bev came by for lunch at about noon, and the contractions were still consistent. Luke came home and Bev stayed and helped me labor through the contractions that were getting more intense and closer together. We decided to head for the hospital (Kaiser Walnut Creek) at about 5:00pm (right in the middle of rush hour!), but still got there in decent time. I felt like I was pretty far along and was pleased when they skipped triage and took me to a labor/delivery room. I was checked and told I was 7-8 cm, 90 % effaced, but the baby was still high at -3 station. I really wanted that epidural, but was afraid I would need to walk to help get the baby lower, and wouldn’t be able to “help” if I was confined to a bed. I continued to labor for a couple hours, and the contractions became more than I could handle. I started asking for the epidural, then was told the anesthesiologist had just gone to help another patient and it would be another 30-45 minutes before she could get to me. It started to feel like the baby was coming, so the midwife checked me and told me I was still at 8 cm! I actually started to cry at this point. The thought that I wasn’t progressing AND I wasn’t getting the epidural AND the contractions were getting worse, was more than I could handle. After about an hour more of intense laboring I finally got the epidural, and felt like it was the best decision I had ever made. Unfortunately my progress then became sooooooo slow. My contractions before the epidural were REALLY strong and hard, and then decreased intensity after the epidural (from what we could tell by watching the monitor). The midwife broke my water at 9:00pm, and we thought that would finally kick things into gear. Still we just kept waiting and waiting. I was getting impatient, and second-guessing my epidural decision as my cervix still had a tiny lip, and the baby was still somewhat high. I started having Luke and my sister help me sit-up in bed to get the weight of the baby on the cervix to help open it up. Immediately the contractions intensified and got closer together. This did seem to help. Finally at 1:10am the midwife had me do a “practice push” with a contraction. The next thing I know I am full on pushing and our baby was born 3 contractions, or 12 minutes later.
At the time I felt like I had made the right decision about the epidural, I felt like I HAD to have it. But I just know that if I had been able to hold off that the baby would have come a lot sooner. I am convinced that my body just doesn’t labor well on my back. Still, no regrets.

Oh, and the prediction was confirmed that I had a TON of amniotic fluid, so that was probably why I was measuring so huge, and why my belly was so round even at the end of the pregnancy. And I mean A TON of fluid, can you say "open the floodgates..."

So my first baby was 36 hours of labor with epidural (although it didn’t work very well) and 45 min of pushing, second baby was 2 hours of labor without any pain meds and 2 min of pushing, and third baby was 14 hours with epidural and 12 min of pushing.

We STILL hadn't decided on a name when he was born. I think sometime the next day we decided on Zakayo which is the name of a friend in Kenya, and is the Swahili version of the name Zaccheus from the Bible. We thought it was a nice unique name, and has special meaning to us as part of our hearts are in Kenya and the work God is doing there.

It took us another 5 days to decide on a middle name, which is Reed. Yesterday we had to go back to the hospital to finish his birth certificate paperwork. So our sweet little Zakayo Reed Taylor is here. If it's too much for you, you can call him Zeke!