Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Valentine's Day gift to Luke

This was my Valentines Day gift to Luke.
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It is only the last 7 years of our life because that's when we went digital.  Scanning the previous 7 years will be a monstrous task.  Someday maybe.

I realized Luke and I have very few pictures of just the 2 of us.  I felt a little guilty cropping our kids out of all the pictures =)

Fun in the snow

Dane had a ski lesson over New Years break, so this time he was a pro going up the rope tow and coming down the bunny slope.

Genevieve went to Ski School this time and did pretty good.  

And Zeke just made a cute snow bunny

Lynda & Danny's  Twain Harte cabin with lot's of snow.  Gotta love the generous in-laws who share their cabin with us.

The King Family came up for a couple nights after they got over the flu.

Dane & Sam sledding in front of the cabin.

Genevieve & Grace making their way up the hill.

And a little winter hot tub fun.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Fun

I love having the kids make their own valentines day cards.  I don't go crazy, but I usually get some cardstock, do something cute with a picture of them, and have them add stickers.  Simple, but homemade.

Sorry about the picture of Danes, my camera was a little flash-happy.  His preschool class is the monkey room, thus the monkey stickers.
Cute little Dane-ism-
I was getting out the stuff for the cards, and he kept telling me "mom, there are 5 gils (can't say his "r"'s still).  And I told him we were making the cards for everyone.  And he asks "for the boys too?"  Then when we were putting heart stickers on them he tells me again "I need 5 'hawts' for the gils".  He couldn't believe that we were putting heart stickers on the boys cards too (we don't address the preschool cards).  
I just think it's funny how he knows it's a kind of a "love" holiday, and wanted to just give the girls the cards.  How cute is that?
Genevieve's turned out really cute.  Hers are in spanish because she is in the dual immersion class.  They didn't have to be, but I thought it would be fun.

And these are the treats I made to go with the cards.  White chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles.  Yummy and EASY.

Cutesie cake

I made this little cake for my friend Kelli's birthday last week.  I used a tiny little round pyrex dish and it was a personal little 3"-4" cake.