Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow Day

We went up to Twain Harte with Luke's family over New Years Eve. The kids had a blast sledding. It fell into Zeke's naptime, so we just put him to bed and pulled him around. I felt like some sort of native. I want to say Eskimo, but now I hear that's not the PC term.

Oh Happy Day

Tonight on the way home from rock climbing Genevieve told Luke she wanted to ask God to come be in her heart. He told her they would pray together when they got home (as we were in separate cars and he wanted me to be there too).

It was so exciting to hear her explain to us what she wanted to do without us leading her at all. She really seems to get it. She told us she wanted God to be in her heart so she could be with him in Heaven. She also said that she wanted our whole family to go to heaven to be with him right now. The excitement on her face was precious. We talked about how God could be with all the time, and she could ask him to help her make good decisions, to which she replied "I know".

Oh happy day.....

Our little monkeys

In an effort to help Dane avoid the "middle child syndrome", Luke decided to do a little one-on-one, special father-son bonding time by taking him rock climbing at the indoor rock gym in Livermore. He took him a couple weeks ago and Dane enjoyed himself. Well the next week Luke wanted to see how Genevieve would do, and Dane was really excited about her coming as well. Well apparently she did great. Tonight I finally got to go down and see them for myself. Dane was having fun, but was more into just monkeying around. He did a little climbing, but a lot more swinging from the belays, and jumping into the big puffy pillows they have below the bouldering area. But Genevieve! That girl was all over it! She was scaling the walls like a little spider-woman. She would stop halfway up the wall and turn to me and say "I love this" with a big grin on her face, then keep going. She definitely doesn't seem to have the fear heights that mommy does.

Blog Revival

I'm gonna try...

There's always lot's to blog about, but my prime time for letting the words just flow from my fingertips is somewhere between 12am and 2am. Fortunately I'm not usually up during those hours anymore! Halleluja!!! Zeke is FINALLY sleeping through the night after some grueling, but much needed sleep-training. He is consistently sleeping from about 7:30-8:00pm to 6:00-7:00am.

Why am I up blogging at 2:30am on a Saturday night then? Well, I fell asleep on the couch in the midst of making baby food, and I got up to finish before going to bed.

Now before you decide that I have gone off the deep-end by making homemade baby food, I just have to tell you that I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't do it for the other two kids because it is SOOOOOOOOO EASY. I thought it would be so time-consuming, and it's not. I just baked a sweet potato, steamed some broccoli and peas and put them in my little food grinder thingy with a little water, and presto! Then I put the pureed veggies in ice cube trays, silicone mini muffin tins and put in the freezer. Once frozen I plopped the cubes into freezer bags, and I have enough baby food to last me a loooong time. I also made up some veggies and fruit with the cereal already mixed together and put that in tiny canning jars, so I can just grab one when I need to feed Zeke on the run.

Pictures to come!