Monday, April 23, 2007

Whoo-hoo 2 posts in one day! Hope I don't get burn out...

Just feeling like I need to do a pregnancy post. So I am 29 weeks pregnant, and already getting the "so any day now" comments from strangers everywhere I go. So annoying. To tell the truth I've been getting them for a couple weeks now, and it's depressing to answer back "actually I still have 3 months to go". But when God creates you with a nonexistent torso, where else is the baby supposed to go, but - out.
For those that haven't heard we broke our own Taylor tradition of "being surprsied" and found out we are having another BOY. But don't hold your breath on the name. If we told you that, the anticlimatic phone call would be just that - anticlimatic. To tell the truth, WE don't know the name yet. And knowing us, we won't until the baby is born. But I will give you a little teaser and tell you that we are considering a Kenyan name! My sister-in-law has lovingly nick-named the little guy Zambouie. I promise there will be no tongue-clicking needed for the pronunciation :) Dane has named the baby Big Mountain, which you would think was a reference to my ever-growing belly. But he actually came up with it long before I was even showing. Lot's of people seem to think we should incorporate this name into the middle name, but considering I didn't have enough American Indian in me to get any sort of college scholarship or financial aid (yes, I really did look into this!), it seems weird. Unless of course we were hippies. And if you know Luke, we can't be associated with anything even remotely hippyish. He is even careful who he tells about converting his deisel truck to run on recycled vegetable oil (shhhhhh).
My due date is July 8th. I went into labor 8 days early with the other two, so we'll see..... Late would actually be nice, so as to be further from Genevieve's June 24th birthday.
To answer the never-ending "how are you feeling" question... I feel, well....pregnant. Heartburn, sleepless nights, rolling in and out of bed and off the couch, etc. My biggest complaint is that the baby has an affection for going under my rib cage, especially when I lay down. So I'm trying to sleep sitting up - way fun.
Okay, that's it for now. If you made it this far, I'm impressed.

Wow, this blog is smokin'

It's been about 7 months since my first and only blog post. I think I was pregnant but didn't know it yet. That explains the lost 7 months - the haze or is it daze I have been in. Where does one start? Do I take you back a few months to all the fun cute stuff we've done? Or just start from today? How about Easter. That sounds like a good starting point.

So we decided the kids needed chickens. So Luke built a small chicken coop in the backyard, as the kids watched. We let them takes guesses as to what he was building. Anything from space shuttle, to boat, to swimming pool was guessed.

Then on Easter morning we brought out the baby chicks we had been hiding in our garage. What a surprise! To Dane at least. Genevieve found them a few days before Easter, so I made up some elaborate story about them being a surprise birthday present for their great grandpa and how NOBODY could know. She did a fine job of keeping the secret.
G ended up being a little scared of the chicks, whereas we nick-named Dane the "Chick Whisperer".

We tried teaching him the "proper" way to handle the chicks (you know, since Luke and I are seasoned chick holders), and Dane just picked 'em up and started carrying them around, like he had always done it. He seems to have the right touch with them as they are really comfortable in his hands. He even has one that follows him around the house. Or should I say "followed", they are banished from the house as of the last few days. They are getting big enough where their poops are getting too big and gross to be in the house anymore.