Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We had a beautiful little heat wave in early October which prompted a last minute girls getaway.  This is what 3 girls bring to a houseboat for 2 nights.

We talked for 48 hours straight.  Okay, maybe we stopped to sleep, but that is it. It was so good.  We talked about everything under the sun.  These girls are the type of girls you can go really deep with, nothing is off limits.

I am so blessed and thankful for such wonderful friendships in my life. 
Love you gals!

Kids making a difference

Poor abandoned blog, once again I am going to try to resurrect you!

Here's some old news, but things I have wanted to share here for some time.

The last post was about The Adventure Project.  I was able to bring the project into our elementary school and share it with Genevieve's 3rd grade class.  I made a slide show and spoke with the students about the devastation in Haiti.  We talked about the living conditions there and how smoke from open fires were hurting, even killing people.  We also talked about how $20 (for a stove) could change someone's life.  We talked about how the cost of DS game could save someones life.  Then we talked about sacrifices.  Would they be willing to give up a Christmas gift if it could save someone's life?

They got it.  It was amazing to see them get it.

They were on board with raising money to buy stoves for The Adventure Project.  We sold coal ornaments for $10/each raising $1,000!   Here's how they did it.

 So so so proud of the students (and Zeke too!)