Tuesday, June 26, 2007

County Fair for Genevieve & Aunt Lisa's birthday

Since we had Genevieve's birthday party early, we still wanted to do something fun on her "actual" birthday which was sunday June 24th. If you didn't know, she shares her birthday with her Aunt Lisa (Luke's sister).
So we met Luke's mom & Danny, and Lisa, Brian & Baby Jake at the fair. Crazy at 38 weeks? Actually it wasn't so bad since the weather was beautiful (meaning not too hot), and there were enough adults to help so that I could take little breaks and sit down. By the end I was definitely tired of the pressure to talk to strangers about my belly at every corner. Luke was amazed at how many people stared and had comments for me. But it has become the norm to me (as I'm sure most of you who have been pregnant remember how it is at the end). The only thing that really surprised me were how many people who seriously asked me if I was having twins. Or the jokesters that asked "how many are in there?" I mean, I know I'm big, but I've never felt the need to talk to strangers about their pregnancies, other than the casual "when are you do" if I happened to be standing next to someone in line for something.
Anyhow, the fair was fun, the kids had a BLAST, and we spent a small fortune.

Later that night (being last night) we actually thought "this is it". At about 1:30am I started having painful contractions right on top of each other - like 2 minutes apart. I was in a panic because it came on so fast, and I knew I couldn't get into the car like that. My worst fear of not making it to the hospital was happening. Fortunately, they subsided after about 10+ minutes. I didn't sleep well after that, thinking they were surely going to start up again at any moment. It was a TOO REAL reminder of what labor feels like, and to be honest I'm a bit of a nervous wreck now. I wish I hadn't had that little glimpse as to what to expect again.

But here I am 24 hours later at 1:00am and nothing so far. What am I doing up you ask? Well, nights scare me at this point. Starting labor during the day doesn't seem as scary for some reason. But in the eery quiet of the night, knowing everyone else is asleep is unsettling to me. So here I am blogging :)

Happy Fathers Day Luke!

We started off the morning with a breakfast fit for a king!

Then we spent the afternoon at Shadowcliffs lake along with 10,000 other people!

37 weeks and getting bigger?

At 37 wks 5 days I had yet another OB appt. I am measuring 41 weeks! What the heck?????

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Princess Genevieve Celebrates "5"

We decided to have her party 2 weeks early "just in case" Zambouie decides to come early. An intimate gathering of princesses & princes gathered at the Taylor Castle to decorate wands, have sword fights, and "Slay the Dragon" (pinata). Aunt Lisa made an AMAZING princess cake for the event, and Genevieve had a great time.

36+ weeks

So I had a Dr appointment today and was told I am still measuring over 2 weeks early (or bigger) so I will be having another ultrasound in the next couple of days to make sure I don't have a ginormous baby brewing in there. I did find out that I am dilated 2 cm and am 50% effaced, which really means nothing in terms of WHEN the baby will come. After the appointment however, I started having a lot of low crampy contractions, and it kind of freaked me out. I was able to take a couple hour nap and relax the rest of the evening, and things seemed to have calmed down for now. But it was definitely a reality check that it will be happening soon. Yikes.